The landscape of fashion and how we dress is evolving. Our consciousness of where and how garments are produced is becoming more important to us. The events of this past year have only accelerated this concept and it is making us take a closer look where and how we spend money on clothing and how long these garments last.
Our design concept at Pair of Wolves is to create modern classics that are elegant, comfortable and timeless that translate from day to evening and from year to year. We focus on using sustainable, natural and biodegradable fabrics that are long lasting and feel great on your body.

To minimize waste in production we create two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter that are produced locally and in small batches, creating a high quality, sustainable piece of clothing.

Our focus is to make the wearer feel elegant, comfortable and relaxed, while knowing the garment they are wearing was produced locally and sustainably.

Founder/Designer: Karen Malecki
Karen moved to New York from Detroit in the early 90’s to attend the Fashion Institute Of Technology, while there she worked as a fit model for Calvin Klein and Donna Karan honing her eye for fit and design. She subsequently became a costume designer for television and film and launched Pair Of Wolves in 2020.